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All Is Not Won

Believe Me

An important (yet obvious AF) lesson in today’s world:

When everyone stops arguing with you, and you’re the last one standing, the argument hasn’t been won. You’ve just created a safe space with your crazy.

And the same goes for retreating into a world of the like-minded. Nothing has been proven correct by more voices.

Psych wards are full of people who think both are true.

Cali the dog

My Dog is a Racist

The black & white dog pictured above is our Cali. She is a cross between a border collie and an Australian cattle dog. Cali, my wife and me makes three. And our little family is struggling with a difficult situation.

Cali has a problem with little white dogs. She hates them. Just because they’re white. We’ve tried reasoning with her. We do our best to teach her about diversity, the need to coexist and the importance of loving all dogs equally. Our mantra is that she needs to appreciate what’s on the inside, that character matters above all else. We endlessly encourage, scold, preach & lecture… to no avail.

Nothing we do has made any difference. We fear that her prejudice may be permanently ingrained. A feature rather than a bug. This pains us to admit, but…

Our dog is a black & white supremacist.